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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Saturday, June 20

BUFFY: So--uh--no research? Nothing going on? Monsters or whatnot?
(GILES and XANDER shake their heads "no," continue eating donuts.)
BUFFY: Good! Good. Uh--So, did anybody--uh--last night, you know, did anybody--um--burst into song?
(GILES stops chewing. Everyone stares at BUFFY for a moment.)
XANDER: Merciful Zeus!
(Everyone talks at once.)
WILLOW: We thought it was just us!
GILES: Well, I sang but I had my guitar at the hotel--
TARA: It was bizarre. We were talking and then it was like--
BUFFY: Like you were in a musical!
TARA: Yeah!
GILES: That would explain the huge backing orchestra I couldn't see and the synchronized dancing from the room service chaps.
WILLOW: We did a whole duet about dish washing.
ANYA: And, we were arguing and--and then everything rhymed and there were harmonies and the dance with coconuts.
WILLOW: There was an entire verse about the couscous.
XANDER: It was very disturbing.

~~"Once More with Feeling," Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV), Episode 107 (S5E7)~~

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