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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter - Sunday, August 30th

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Anya: Come on, Torg, that was like a lifetime ago.
Torg: Three, but who's counting. You broke my heart, Anyanka.
Anya: Don't be so dramatic, Torg. You don't even have a heart. Six spleens, two stomachs, half a brain maybe, but no heart.
Torg: Don't mock this. The night we spent together was...important to me.
Anya: It was one date. And it wasn't even a date. We just happened to be invited to the same massacre, and—and you hit on me after I had a few…
Torg: I remember, you wore pink.
Anya: Those were entrails.
Giles: I'm sorry, perhaps we could skip the nostalgia— (Anya glares at him) Sorry, no, no, carry on.
Anya: OK, Torg, look, you open this tiny little gateway to the Beljoxa's Eye for me, and I'll— You and I will go— I'll have sex with you again.
Torg: Ugh, please, you're human. The way you look now, I wouldn't touch you for all the kittens in Korea.
Anya: You're rejecting my offer of sexual bribery? What am I, a leper in this town? I can't even give it away!
Torg: (grabs his garbage can and starts walking back inside) Come back when you are a leper.


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