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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Saturday, September 26

XANDER: The doctor couldn't figure out what was up with me. He said I had a lot of symptoms that didn't connect.
BUFFY: I think they do connect.
XANDER: What, to this Chumash spirit vengeance guy?
BUFFY: Didn't you say the Chumash got all diseased when they were all holed up in the mission?
WILLOW: Yeah. This has a better account of everything. It lists the various--
XANDER: Various??? As in...?
WILLOW: Well, the important thing is not to panic.
XANDER: You just recited the mystical panic-causing incantation, so little hope there. Let's talk about the various.
WILLOW: Well, they did suffer from malaria, some smallpox--
ANYA: I was gonna say smallpox.
WILLOW: --you know, syphilis, but basically--
XANDER: Syphilis?!
WILLOW: Well, but this is probably mystical, and it'll all go away as soon as--
XANDER: As soon as what?
WILLOW: We still don't know what we're gonna do. Well, maybe I can find something.
GILES: Let's give him some land. I'm sure that'll clear everything right up.
BUFFY: Sarcasm accomplishes nothing, Giles.
GILES: It's sort of an end unto itself.
XANDER: Can we come rocketing back to the part about me and my new syphilis?
ANYA (Stroking his forehead): It'll make you blind and insane, but it won't kill you. The smallpox will.
WILLOW: Maybe there's a Wiccan spell that can cure it. Something regular medicine doesn't know. Ooh, there's a potion. Sage, salt...onion?
BUFFY: That's the stuffing.
XANDER: Oh, God.

~~"Pangs," Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV), Episode 64 (S4E8)~~

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