Double Dutchess (double_dutchess) wrote in su_herald,
Double Dutchess

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter - Monday, September 28th

BUFFY: Faith, listen to me!
FAITH: Why? So you can impart some special Buffy wisdom, that it? Do you think you're better than me? Do you? Say it, you think you're better than me.
BUFFY: I am. Always have been.
FAITH: Um, maybe you didn't notice. Angel's with me.
BUFFY: And how did you get him, Faith? Magic? Cast some sort of spell? Cause in the real world, Angel would never touch you and we both know it.
Faith backhands Buffy.
BUFFY: You had to tie me up to beat me. There's a word for people like you, Faith. Loser.


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