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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, November 3 - Thursday, November 5

Buffy: How are you?
Angel: I'm alright. I think I'm better than you right now.
They both look over at the carousel.
Angel: I heard about this. People are talking. People are even talking to *me*.


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  • LJ Logo
    • Eye of Eleos, Chapter 71 (Spike/Buffy, R) by pfeifferpack
  • DW Logo
    • Mission #1: Lost (crossover with Devil May Cry, Willow, T) by madimpossibledreamer
  • AO3 Logo
    • What Makes Us Human, Chapter 1 (Xander/Spike, M) by idrewabee
    • Reordering the Universe, Chapter 1 (Spike/Buffy, E) by touchstoneaf
    • Weak, Chapter 1 (Spike & Scoobies, T) by Warped_Alignment
  • Elysian Fields
    • A Slice of Spike's Unlife, Chapter 1-3 (Spike/Buffy, PG) by Joan963z
    • Hellmouth Hurricane, Chapter 4-5 (Spike/Buffy, PG-13) by sandy_s
    • Flickers, Chapter 16 (Spike/Buffy, Adult Only) by Dusty
    • What Makes a Monster, Chapter 6 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by SleepingTigress
    • Death Wish, Chapter 33 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by Sigyn
    • Reordering the Universe, Chapter 3 (Spike/Buffy, Adult Only) by Touchstoneaf
    • Dark Horizon, Chapter 4 (Spike/Buffy, R) by untouchable
    • Pictures of You, Chapter 69 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by kats_meow
    • Time After Time, Chapter 5 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by MissLuci
    • These Violent Delights, Chapter 31 (Spike/Buffy, Adult Only) by Touchstoneaf
    • Anniversary, Chapter 16 (Spike/Buffy, Adult Only) by Nik84
    • Kintsugi, Chapter 6 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by Grief Counseling
    • What They Knew and When They Knew It, Chapter 11 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by Dorians Kitten
    • Eye of Eleos, Chapter 71 (Spike/Buffy, R) by pfeifferpack
    • What Goes Around, Chapter 2 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by celtic_goddess
    • Distant Thunder, Chapter 26 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by Axell
    • Detention (v.2), Chapter 27 (Spike/Buffy, Adult Only) by Frillyria
    • Speranta Lumii, Chapter 66 (Spike/Buffy, PG-13) by Irishrose
  • TTH Logo
    • Oversight, Chapter 8 (crossover with Avengers, Buffy, FR13) by JoeB
    • Moonshot, Chapter 2 (crossover with Anita Blake, Joyce, Dawn, Buffy, Faith, FR15) by Ava
    • Buffy's New Home, Chapter 150 (crossover with The Vampire Diaries, Buffy, FR15) by Kittykitkat
    • Meddling in the Affairs of Phantom Menaces, Chapter 6 (crossover with Star Wars, Faith, FR13) by Cuautla
  • WWW Logo
    • Echoes of Beljoxa, Chapter 12 (Spike/Buffy, M) by myrabeth

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