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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter - Sunday, December 27th

Buffy: 'And from the depths of the forest, a call still sounded.’

~~Beauty and the Beasts~~

[Drabbles & Short Fiction]
[Chaptered Fiction]
  • AO3 Logo
    • Immortal Memory Chapter 12 (Buffy, T) by Vidicon666
    • All About Faith Chapter 92 (Multiple crossovers, Faith/Bruce Wayne, E) by Peanutbuttertoast
    • A Witch's Mark Chapter 19 (Willow/Spike, M) by IsobelSalmon
    • Prisoners of Love di Bewildered (traduzione in italiano) Chapter 17 (Italian, Buffy/Spike, E) by DarkGiulia69, kasumi_EFP
    • Sacrifice of Heroes Chapter 9 (Buffy/Giles, E) by AlbionMcMillan
    • Somewhere I Know You're Out There Chapter 42 (Faith/Giles, E) by ZaiaFantasy
    • What Happens In Quarantine.... Chapter 3 (Buffy/Spike, E) by bewildered
    • advent calendar of porn / kinktober in july Chapter 26 (Faith/Buffy, E) by lovelyorbent
    • Red Mors Chapter 3 (Willow, M) by IsobelSalmon
    • I love you to the moon and back Chapter 2 (MCU crossover, Xander, T) by MelTodd
    • Renaissance Revival Chapter 1 (Buffy/Spike, T) by druseerla
    • Chapter 22 (Buffy/Spike, E) by Whiskyandtobacco
    • My Dark Disquiet Chapter 16 (Tara/Willow, T) by Rutkowski
    • A Minor Intervention Chapter 22 (HP crossover, Buffy, E) by PseudoLeigha
    • It's The Secret That You Can't Know Chapter 3 (Buffy/Angel, M) by butimbroken, Scribes1015
    • Safe Chapter 33 (Buffy/Spike, M) by Dusty87
    • Healed By Love Chapter 21 (Multiple crossovers, M) by Buffyworldbuilder
  • Elysian Fields
    • What Happens In Quarantine... Chapter 7 (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by bewildered
    • Souls Unbound Chapter 26 (Buffy/Spike, Adult) by Touchstoneaf
    • Anniversary Chapter 42 (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by Nik84
    • American Girls Chapter 5 (Buffy/Spike, R) by sweetprincipale
    • The Darkling Complete (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by OffYourBird
    • AtS season five Spuffy ficlets Complete (Buffy/Spike, PG13) by slaymesoftly
    • Enmity and Ego Chapter 7 (Buffy/Spike, R) by Sirya5117
  • TTH Logo
    • Oversight Chapter 11 (Marvel crossover, Buffy, FR13) by JoeB
    • Life on the Sidelines Chapter 4 (Marvel crossover, Xander, FR15) by Nycorson
    • Buffy's New Home Chapter 153 (TVD crossover, Buffy, FR15) by Kittykitkat

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