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An update on our editor search

Thanks to the kind and timely return of gillo, we are no longer desperate enough to experiment with reducing post volume or frequency. Yay! \o/ Thank you, Gillo.

However, we are still two people short. The Herald can function for now, but some of us are covering more than one day a week, and any of us who might need to take a break have to weigh their own needs against the future of the Herald. That's no way to live in the long term, so we're still officially recruiting!

As you may have heard, being a Herald editor means dedicating one evening a week to making a newsletter post. Most of the links for that post come to you in one handy dandy Dreamwidth reading list. You need a Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, and tumblr account, and knowledge of HTML helps, but is not required. We are very happy to help you learn everything you need to know from the ground up.

If you enjoy lists and links, if you love Buffy fandom and want to support it, if you like what we do here - consider lending us a hand! Feel free to contact me on any site or send us an ask on tumblr, and I can give you any other details you might be wondering about.
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