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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Monday, February 15 - Tuesday, February 16

Ben: Where is it?
Dawn: W-where's what?
Ben: All the blood. I can feel it ... still warm and ... wet. Glory. Oh, god. She slaughtered hundreds of men. But I can feel them ... breaking.
Dawn: Ben, something is happening to both you and Glory.
Ben: I'm remembering her, aren't I? The things she's done ... things she's going to do.
Dawn: I know. She told me. I think ... whatever the magic is that keeps you guys apart, it's starting to break down. Ben, Glory could come back any minute.
Ben: How could she do this?
Dawn: I don't know. But we have to get out of her and, and find Buffy-
Ben: No! I mean, I have a job. I have a life! And Glory? She never once thinks about me in all this!

~~Buffy Season 5 Episode #99: "The Weight of the World"~~

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