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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, February 23

CASSIE: So, (Willow turns to look) this is the UC library, huh? It's so big. Hey.
WILLOW: I know you. I mean, I saw your picture.
CASSIE: Yeah, I know, it's kinda weird 'cause we never really met.
WILLOW: Or kinda weird because your're really dead.
CASSIE: Yeah well... (laughs)
WILLOW: Did I fall asleep?
CASSIE: No, no, I'm here. I mean, not-not here here... it's kinda complicated. Kind of ironic, too. I wrote all that intense poetry about the end, and here I am again. Chatting you up.
WILLOW: Yeah, ironic.
CASSIE: I knew this would completely freak you out. It's just - she asked that I come talk to you. It's important.

~~Buffy Season 7 Episode #129: "Conversations With Dead People"~~

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