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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, April 6

XANDER: Why would a vampire lie about who sired him. What's that? Some kind of status symbol for the undead. My sire can beat up your sire.
BUFFY: I'm not saying I don't believe him.
XANDER: You just don't want to. OK, let's look at this objectively. Figure it out in a cold, impersonal, CSI-like manner 'cause we're a couple of carpet fibers away from a case.
BUFFY: Spike can't be the one doing this. He couldn't if he wanted to.
XANDER: Why not?
BUFFY: Well, for one thing, pain chip, remember? He can't hurt anyone.
XANDER: Didn't stop him from hurting you. Hey, objective here. Maybe the chip's not working anymore.
BUFFY: Oh, it's working. I've seen it.
XANDER: Is it? Or is that what Spike wants you to think?

~~Buffy Season 7 Episode #130: "Sleeper"~~

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