January 8th, 2007

Misha KItty

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Tara: "Your one-stop spot to shop for all your occult needs." Catchy.
Giles Think so?
Tara: Uh-huh. In a ... hard to read sort of way, but I think it's great.

Happy 30th Birthday, Amber Benson!

[Fic Updates]
x. Kindred Spirits 32 and 33by nwhepcat, Dawn/Ethan, R
x. Fearful Symmetry 6/? by icemink, Darla/Spike/Angel, NC-17
x. Elves, Gremlins and Eskimoes, 1/? by beer_good_foamy, A:tS Ensemble, PG-13
x. Magic in Numbers 8/12 by dragonydreams, Willow/Charlie (BtVS/Numb3rs Crossover), PG-13
x. Stains 2/3 by emu_stand_bi, Faith/Buffy, R
x. Reflections 10/? by trepkos Spike/Riley, NC-17
x. An Oíche Is Fáide (The Long Night) 2/3 and 3/3 by fredsmith518, Angel, G

x. Four Orgasms for Liam O'Hallaran (and One Little Death) bygirlpire, Liam, OC, NC-17
x. Five Christmases Angel Could Have Had (According to Me) by tesla321, Angel, A:tS Ensemble, OC
x. Club Med For Mutants by viciouswishes, Gwen Raiden/Emma Frost (A:tS/X-Men crossover), NC-17
x. Unhappy The Land That Has No Heroes by alizarin_nyc, Angel/Dean, Angel/Dean/Faith, Faith/Dean, (A:tS/Supernatural crossover), NC-17
x. Fire by blueanddollsome, Giles/Jenny, PG-13

[Ficlets, Drabbles]
x. No Return on Deposit by msclawdia, Anya, G
x. The Inner Animal by oracleholly, Oz, PG
x. Slow Burn by cindergal, Spike/Buffy, PG
x. Constant Cravings by xlivvielockex, Oz, G
x. Contract by persephone20, Angelus/Willow, PG-13
x. Fire by redeem147, Giles, G
x. Cold Hard Bitch by empressvesica, Lilah, PG-13
x. Torch, Warmth, Burn and Fever by deviantfantasy, Giles, Wesley, Wesley/Lilah, Wesley/Fred, PG
x. Only You, Blaze of Glory, Furthering the Argument, and Trumped by shinodabear, Anya/Xander, Spike, Fred/Spike, Angel, PG
x. Years, Orange, and Children byblueanddollsome, Giles, Giles/Jenny, PG-13
x. OOC by beer_good_foamy, Oz, PG-13

[Multimedia, Graphics and Icons]
x. 23. BtVS/A:ts icons byxevildeadgirlx
x. 3 Colorbars: Spike, Angel/Buffy, Spike/Buffy by xevildeadgirlx
x. 79 Season 2 and 3 A:tS icons by scarymine
x. 86 BtVS icons by kathyh
x. 28 BtVS series and actor icons by mangofandango

[News, Discussion, Meta and More]
x. viciouswishes presents a collection of multifandom fic recs, including Buffyverse fic.
x. Round Four of the White Knight Awards for Xander-centric fiction are now open. (Outside Link)
x. indigo_crypt is an innovative new BtVS/A:tS challenge community for banners and fictions -- check it out!