January 13th, 2007

benedict victor
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

COMPUTER VOICE: The demons have escaped. Please run for your lives.
ADAM: This could be trouble.
RILEY: We better make a fort.

Happy Belated Birthday, Marc Blucas

x.  Watcher, Ret. by alixtii Giles/Xander/Oz, PG
x.  Baby Steps by _beetle_ Faith/Dawn, PG
x.  Dirty Little Secret by spikeysgrl18 Willow, Spike
x.  First Aid by xdawnfirex Giles/OFC, R
x.  We Could Call It Clem! Or Maybe Not by spuffyduds Dawn/Connor, PG
x.  Numb by beer_good_foamy Dawn, PG-13
x.  It's ALL Buffy's Fault by boy_named_susie Dawn, PG
x.  Always Hurts The First Time by xlivvielockex Gwen, R

[Fic Updates]
x.  Nobody Never Gets To Heaven, Part 3 by liz_marcs Xander/Faith/Spike, R
x.  Kinesis, Part 26 by incasink Spike/Liam, NC-17 *AU*
x.  Bloodlines, Part 6 by amejisuto Xander/Dick Grayson (BtVS/DC Universe crossover), R
x.  Beloved, Part 25 by spikes_heart and liliaeth
x.  Collateral Damage, Part 54 by psychoadept and versaphile Giles/Wesley, NC-17

x.  20 BtVS and AtS icons by crystalsc
x.  7 "Prophecy Girl" icons by spiffydaze
x.  30 BtVS icons by like_statues
x.  Willow Wallpaper from Dark Horse *outside link*  *possible BtVS Season 8 comic spoiler*
x.  20 Warren, Andrew and Jonathon icons by sonnekinde

x.  A number of Xander centric fanfic recs fromhelenplamp

x.  spring_with_xan would like new journal graphics in advance of opening for sign-ups on January 18
x.  watchingxander would also like new journal graphics in advance of its upcoming re-opening
x.  buffyversetop5 will close for 2006 recs tomorrow