January 27th, 2007

benedict victor
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

x.  Letter Of The Past by deviantfantasy Fred/Lilah, Teen
x.  Note On The Refrigerator by shinodabear Spike/Xander, PG
x.  …and love is a thing that can never go wrong by idyll Angel/Lindsey, PG
x.  Rum With A View by sparklebutch Giles/Spike
x.  Cupid, So Unkind by velvetwhip Spike/Willow, PG
x.  Well Played Master Yoda by sl_podcast Andrew, G
x.  The Passenger by ruuger Oz, Spike, PG-13

[Fic Updates]
x.  Out Of Africa, Part 27 by spikendru AtS/BtVS Ensemble, PG-13
x.  Collateral Damage, Part 58 by versaphile and psychoadept Wesley/Giles, NC-17
x.  Behold, Little Padawan, Part 2a by liz_marcs Xander, Faith, Andrew, PG
x.  A Past Not Forgotten, Part 10 by angelspike69 and anamcara420 Angel/Spike, NC-17
x.  Snowbound, Part 8 by vikingprincess Spike/Dawn, Mature

x.  Various Wallpapers by sunnydaleonline
x.  A Buffy/Spike Wallpaper by starscythe
x.  96 BtVS and AtS icons, plus 2 kitten!Giles icons by blueanddollsome

x.  Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - an Angel/Spike fanvid by angelspike69

x.  Recs from xlivvielockex
x.  Recs from astridv

x.  NFA, Damn Fine Storytelling thoughts from menomegirl