January 29th, 2007

Misha KItty

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007

Angel/Angelus: For all we know, this spell is only temporary, and God forbid... I can give orders from down in here. And the new ones are: no more back-biting, fist-fighting, fraternizing, or vengeance. From now on, you focus on one thing: making it out alive. 'Cause I'm only going to say this once: what Angelus told you was a lie. I haven't and will never give up on you. We'll get through this thing. Together.

[Fic Updates]
x. Kindred Spirits 48/? by nwhepcat, Dawn/Ethan, R
x. Behold, Little Padawan! 3/14 by liz_marcs, Xander, Faith, OC, PG
x. Immortal knight 6/? by pixel28178, (Highlander/BtVS crossover), Xander/Angel, NC-17

x. Not Okay by sroni, Buffy/Xander, PG
x. The Heart Does All The Work by poisontaster, Cordelia/Oz, NC-17
x. Masterpiece by emu_stand_bi, Angelus/Buffy, PG-13

[Ficlets and Drabbles]
x. Someone To Lean Onl by boy_named_susie, Giles, G
x. Life As A Watcher by lusciousxander, Giles, Xander, G
x. Neither Neither, Nor, Nor</as> by beer_good_foamy, Justine, R
x. Giles byslaymesoftly Giles, PG
x. Mea Culpa by married_n_mich, Spike/Angel, G
x. Contrary byredwolf, Andrew, Xander, G
x. Mea Culpa by cindergal, Spike, PG
x. Mea Culpa by debg, Giles, PG
x. Two Halves, Same Whole byxlivvielockex, Justine, PG
x. Guilt by a2zmom, Buffy/Angel, PG
x. Confessional by hesadevil, Drusilla, PG
x. When In Rome by shinodabear, Andrew, G
x. Seven Justine drabbles by zandra_x, Justine, PG
x. Latin Lesson by shinodabear, Gunn, Harmony, PG

[Multimedia, Graphics and Icons]
x. 40 BtVS/At:S icons bywickedgrdn

[News, Discussion, Meta and More]
x. The Sunnydale Fanart Awards is open for round 3. They're also looking for affiliates and judges.
x.neversleeps is looking for judges for the Lie To Me Awards
x. elisi examines why the Buffy/Riley relationship was doomed to fail.
x. gen_storytelleris a new comm for all gen A:ts/BtVS fiction.