February 1st, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Angel: That's great. It's nice...you moved on. I can't. You found someone new. I'm not allowed to, remember? I see you again, it cuts me up inside, and the person I share that with is me. You don't know me anymore, so don't come down here with your great new life and expect me to do things your way. Go home.

x.Hell Is Where You Meet The Person You Could Have Been by stoney321 Angel, Gunn, Connor, Wesley
x.Seeding by eyezrthewindows Spike/Angel
x.Her Own Path by whiskyinmind Giles, Faith

x.9 BtVs drabbles by blueanddollsome
x.Lost Friendship by lusciousxander Spike, Dawn
x.Freedom by electricalgwen Spike

[Fic Updates]
x.Best Souvenir chapter 16 by lettered Buffy/Angel
x.Man Hunter part 27 by jans_intentions AU Spike/Liam
x.Kindred Spirits part 50 by nwhepcat AU Dawn/Ethan
x.Toys Eight and a Half by lit_gal Spike/Xander

x.Insane in the Hive Brain by elcazavamiros and crazydiamondsue BtVs/Smallville/SGA/Star Trek:TNG

x.Portrait of James by sueworld2003
x.3 BtVs wallpapers by sick_forever

[News/Meta/More ...]
x.slashfest is opening the claiming round for Round IV.5 at 12:01 am EST, Friday, February 2, 2007. Choose and claim some BtVs/Ats specific and BtVs/Ats crossover prompts!
x.spikeylover posts an MTV interview (including spoilers) about the Buffy season 8 comic book.
x.chrisleeoctaves lets us know that Sublime and Five Things have been updated with new stories! *outside links*
x.thewaywithwords is a new prompt community for Buffy/Angel and Firefly writers! Search through a list of prompts and claim the one that inspires or add prompts for others to choose.
x.Shadows and Dust is open for nominations in round 15. *outside link*
x.atrata posts a list of multiple fandom recs. BtVs/Ats and crossovers among many more.
x.5apologies A multi-fandom community where your challenge is to write five pieces about one character apologizing to five different characters.