February 5th, 2007

Misha KItty

February 5, 2007

Angel: You can't believe how bad you let things get. That's not change. You have to make a decision to change. That's something you do by yourself. Most people, they never do.
Lindsey: If I get myself killed, that'll convince you I've changed.
Angel: It's a start.

[Fic Updates]
x. Dancing the Night Away 3 and 4/7 by hesadevil, Spike, PG
x. Mr. Grieves and the Second Chance, 14/? by herself_nyc, Spike/Buffy, NC-17
x. All the Wrong Reasons by denied_heaven, Liam/Spike, Lindsey/Spike, Lindsey/Liam, NC-17
x. Kindred Spirits 52/? bynwhepcat, Dawn/Ethan, R
x. Yellow Paper Rose 15/? by soundingsea, Dawn/Spike, PG-13

x. Make A Wish by chrisleeoctaves, Buffy/Angel, NC-17
x. Dancing Frenzy by emu_stand_bi, Angel/Faith/Buffy, R
x. Nice To Meet You Too, John by smurfyfredels, (BtVS/Supernatural Crossover),
Faith/Dean, PG-13
x. Stuck by angelspike69, Spike/Angel, NC-17
x. Fair Alliance by hotspur18, Spike/Wes, NC-17
x. Symbology by femmenerd, Buffy/Angel, R

[Ficlets, Drabbles]
x. Supermom by shinodabear, Joyce, Buffy, Dawn. G
x. First Year by debgBuffy, G
x. Merry Christmas, Angel and Starving by samsom, Cordy/Angel, R
x. Misconceptions by redwolf, Xander, Andrew, G
x. Clothes Fluke by beer_good_foamy, A:tS ensemble, G
x. Bonding by xlivvielockex, Gunn, G

[Multimedia and Graphics]
x. Video: Top To The Bottom by Blackjess1, Angel (Outside Link)
x. 28 BtVS/A:tS icons by dragonydreams
x. 3 BtVS Wallpapers by sick_forever
x. 29 BtVS/A:tS icons by cala_jane
x. 30 BtVS/A:tS icons by pokecharm
x. 19 BtVS/A:tS icons by grayrace
x. 63 BtVS/A:tS icons by ar_feinieliii
x. 45 BtVS/A:tS and SMG icons by chosenxone

[News, Discussion, Meta, More]
x. mmmmm_angel is a new community celebrating all things Angel. Accepting Angel-centric fic (prose and poetry) and art, all ratings and pairings.
x. The Angel Without Wings Awards are open and accepting nominations for all things Angel-related. (Outside Link)
x. elisi examines the role of Spike on A:tS