February 9th, 2007

benedict victor
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Friday, February 9, 2007

x.  Kitchen Dreams by kivrin Giles, G
x.  Nessuno - Six Years Later by riani1 Spike/Xander *AU*
x.  0 to 50 in 60 seconds: The Willow and Kennedy story by fluffybkitty Willow/Kennedy, R
x.  The Joys of Working with Children by boy_named_susie Snyder, PG
x.  In Soviet Russia, James Bonds You by monimala Buffy/Veronica Mars/James Bond (BtVS/Veronica Mars/James Bond crossover), R

[Fic Updates]
x.  Shards, Part 1 by tesla321 Angel/Xander
x.  Out Of Africa, Part 29 by spikendru Ensemble, PG-13
x.  Time and Travail by hotspur18 Spike/Wesley, Faith/Xander, R

x.  12 animated Lie To Me icons by spikeshunny
x.  Various Giles-centric banners, wallpapers and icons (het and m/m slash) by katekat1010
x.  53 BtVS and AtS icons by catvampcrazines
x.  34 BtVS and AtS icons by biter
x.  A Willow/Tara "I'm Under Your Spell" S2 Livejournal layout from amavel_bel

x.  "Blindfold" - A Angel/Fred fanvid from obsessive24

x.  hesadevil recs work on and "by" Lydia Chalmers
x.  Mainly m/m slash fanfic recs from stretfordditto

x.  shapinglight looks at Angel: Auld Lang Syne 4 and Spike: Asylum 5
x.  elisi thinks about the reason behind the Spike/Harmony scene in Destiny">
x.  juleskick links to more information on the Buffy Season 8 comic*SPOILERS IN POST*
x.  btvs_authorlink is a community "created for the sole purpose of finding authors. Have you ever tried to find an author that you loved, but couldn't find their website or their email? Ever tried to nominate someone, and had no clue where they were in the fandom to do so?"
x.  Places for the writerconuk MidiMeet 2007 have been increased to 40 - and the website is open for bookings