February 27th, 2007

Misha KItty

February 27, 2007

Buffy: We fight. We die. Wishing doesn't change that.
Giles: I have to believe in a better world.
Buffy: Go ahead. I have to live in this one.

[Fiction, Ficlets and Drabbles]
x. Good and Ready by electricalgwen, Spike/Xander, NC-17
x. Brushes With Perfection by sunnyd_lite, Cordelia, G
x. Twenty Questionsby ljs, Giles/Anya, R
x. Untitled Regency Fic by mirielle719, Xander/Giles, G
x. Contagious by cordelianne, Spike/Xander, PG-13
x. All of Me by redrikki, Adam, G
x. Reverse Sexism by bookishwench,Willow, G

[Fic Updates]
x. Hushabye Mountain 1/? by raysgal, Buffy/Giles, PG
x. Still Haven't Found 3 and 4/? by indigodiaries, Spike/Buffy, R
x. High 2/4 by girlpire Angel, Ensemble, G
x. Kindred Spirits 68 bynwhepcat, Dawn/Ethan, R

[Multimedia and Graphics]
x. 25 BtVS and SMG icons by unmixy
x. 10 BtVS icons by anno_superstar
x. 30 BtVS icons by effulgent_girl
x. 36 BtVS episodic icons from The Zeppo by 1000_pixels

[News, Discussion, Meta, and More]
x. whiskyinmind announces the opening of Daughters of Sineya, a Slayer-centric fanfic archive.
x. An Attelboro MA church asks What Would Buffy Do? (outside link)