March 3rd, 2007

benedict victor

Friday, March 2, 2007

x. Playing Games by entrenous88 Spike/Xander, PG
x. Elementary, My Dear by xlivvielockex Snyder, G
x. In The Dark by truly_tazi Giles, G
x. What He Wouldn't Give… by leobrat Angel/Cordelia, G
x. Too Long by killerweasel Lindsey/Angel, NC-17
x. Movie Night by hotspur18 and quoshara Wesley, Xander, PG

[Fic Updates]
x. The Void, Part 2 by thatotherperv Angel/Xander, NC-17
x. Watching, Part 13 and Part 14 by apreludetoanend Giles/Spike/Xander, Adult
x. Soul Searching, Part 17 by hesadevil Spike, PG-13
x. Tabula Avatar, Part 39 by speakr2customrs Ensemble (BtVS/Baldur's Gate 2 crossover), R
x. Seven, Part 15 by jans_intentions Spike/Xander, NC-17
x. Kindred Spirits, Part 71 by nwhepcat Dawn/Ethan, R
x. Fated, Part 3 by blueanddollsome Buffy/Giles, R
x. High, Part 4 by girlpire AtS Ensemble
x. Out Of Africa, Part 31 by spikendru Xander, PG-13

x. 30 BtVS icons by dollsome
x. 72 BtVS icons by mouthfullofdust
x. 26 BtVS and AtS icons by frontyardninja
x. 27 BtVS and AtS icons by truly_tazi
x. 33 BtVS icons by cheesygirl
x. A Buffy/Supernatural crossover banner and a wallpaper by crystalsc
x. 128 Glory icon bases by punkette4vab
x. 58 BtVS icons by miss_bloody
x. A "Graduation" wallpaper by bl_graphics

x. Us - a multifandom metavid from lim
x. All These Things I've Done - an Angel fanvid from halcyon_shift
x. Breathe Me - a Buffy/Spike fanvid from vyperman7
x. Multifandom fanvid recs from obsessive24

x. happy10thbuffy is a new community celebrating the upcoming 10th anniversary of the first screening of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
x. Soul Purpose or: Restless & Beneath You, To Shanshu in the City of L.A. A Personal View of AtS, 5.10, "Soul Purpose"' from makd
x. A look at various relationships in "The Girl In Question" by elisi

I'm sorry that this update is late because of the problems that were being experienced on Livejournal earlier. Please leave details and a link in the comments if there are any fandom related posts that you think I've missed which you would like to submit for consideration. Thank you!
benedict victor

Saturday, March 3, 2007

x. A Kiss Of Swords by hotspur18 Spike/Anya, PG-13
x. The Rest Is Silence by anonymous_sibyl Willow/Oz, G
x. La Serenissima by sienamystic Darla
x. Free Falling by toestastegood Faith, PG-13
x. Even Bad Guys Get To Grieve by laney_1974 Xander, Angel, Wesley, PG
x. No Date by lilachigh Snyder, PG
x. Meet It and Live It by juleskick Buffy (BtVS/Dr Who crossover), PG
x. More Than Friends by secondalto Buffy/Xander, Teen
x. Subtle Serpent by bookishwench Willow, PG

[Fic Updates]
x. Teenage Dirtbag, Part 29 by suki_blue Spike/Xander, NC-17
x. A Past Not Forgotten, Part 15 by angelspike69 and anamcara420 Angel/Spike, NC-17
x. Collateral Damage, Part 68 by versaphile and psychoadept Giles/Wesley, Faith/Wesley, NC-17

x. 55 BtVS icons and 5 "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" banners by hurts_my_soul
x. 28 BtVS and AtS icons by sl_podcast
x. 60 BtVS and AtS icons by effulgent_girl
x. 57 BtVS and AtS icons by pokecharm
x. BtVS and AtS icons by glassnowdrop
x. 10 BtVS icons by abandon_defense

x. Blue Horizons (Part II "Baby Steps") - a Buffy/Spike fanvid from ar_feinieliii

x. Winter fic recs from moscow_watcher
x. Two weeks worth of recs from xlivvielockex
x. Female-centric multifandom fic recs from mishamcm
x. Faith/Dean Winchester crossover fic recs from derivational

x. 10th Anniversary Ficathon Masterlist at tenyearsofbuffy

x. general_buffy is a new moderated membership community, related to gen_storyteller, and is issuing genfic challenges.
x. Angel the Series: Episode 5/19, "Time Bomb." (Or: What kind of freakin' bizarro world did I lose myself in?) from makd