March 6th, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Giles: She was truly the finest of all of us.
Xander: Way better than me.
Giles: Much, much better.

x.Words and Pictures by kindkit Oz, Giles
x.Fingertip Literacy by sottovoce07 Spike/Xander
x.By the Grave and Thee by ladycat777 Spike/Xander

x.5 Giles/Xander drabbles by mireille719
x.Untitled by cheesygirl Wesley/Captain Jack Harkness
x.Resist by tinpanalley Angel/Dawn
x.Really Not Bad by eyezrthewindows AU Spike/Xander
x.This Is Hell by darklingdawns Spike/Angel
x.Windows to the Soul by a2zmom Angel/Cordelia
x.Broken/Repaired by electricalgwen Spike/Xander
x.Watching by secondalto Angel/Wesley

[Fic Updates]
x.Goodbye, Mr. Giles chapter 27 by aamah Spike/Buffy
x.Kindred Spirits part 73 by nwhepcat Dawn/Ethan
x.Hope Falls From Feathered Wings chapter six by c_woodhaven Spike/Liam
x.Switched On 3/? by devylish Spike/Buffy
x.Untitled 1/14 by _beetle_ BtVs/Supernatural crossover
x.The Swamp part three by jans_intentions William/Angelus
x.The Void 3/3 by thatotherperv Angel/Xander

x.24 Amber Benson icons by deanandsam2
x.Spike and Drusilla wallpaper by smth_blue
x.Spike wallpaper by angstpuppy Not Work Safe
x.Spike Manip by shanmara
x.26 BtVs icons by encircleme

x.tamibrandt lets us know that Round 18 is open at the Sunnydale Stories Video Awards. Videos pertaining to Angel, Buffy, Bones, Chance (the movie), Smallville s5, Supernatural and Tru Calling.