March 16th, 2007

benedict victor

Friday, March 16th, 2007

x. Bite-Sized Chunks by shitsu_tonka Buffy/Giles, Teen
x. Liminal by soundingsea Buffy/Angel
x. Appetence by beanbeans Buffy/Spike, NC-17
x. Close Encounters by sunnyd_lite Buffy/Angel, PG
x. The Same Old Story by minim_calibre Buffy/Faith, R
x. Surprise! by snowpuppies Spike/Angel, G
x. Fulfilled by shinodabear Angel/Spike, G
x. Goodbye and thanks for all the fic by speakr2customrs Ensemble, PG-13
x. The Tickets by deviantfantasy Fred, Spike, PG-13
x. A Few Weeks Later by lilachigh Sweet, PG-13

[Fic Updates]
x. Kindred Spirits, Part 81 by nwhepcat Dawn/Ethan, R
x. Family Reunion, Part 2 and Part 3 by shapinglight Spike/Darla, Spike/Angel, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/OC, Angel/Darla
x. Kill Drew, Vol 51 by vampirefever Andrew
x. The Family Business, Part 1 by hari_kari Spike/Xander (BtVS/Supernatural crossover), R
x. Doppleganger Land, Part 1 by dovil Spike/Angel, G
x. This Is Going To Be Fun, Part 2 by flurblewig BtVS/Life On Mars/Torchwood/Dr Who crossover, PG-13
x. Let's Get Lost, Part 3 and Part 4 by herself_nyc Buffy/Spike, PG
x. It Happened One Colorado Night, Part 1 by empressvesica Faith/Dean Winchester (BtVS/Supernatural crossover)

x. 7 b&w BtVS icons by glimmergirl
x. 85 BtVS and AtS icons and a further 71 BtVS iconsby mouthfullofdust
x. Buffy Season 8 comic variant cover*outside link*

x. Beyond The Sun, a Buffy/Spike fanvid by operavampirate

x. Multifandom femslash07 fic recs from soundingsea

x. ripping_icons reopens, with the first new icontest challenge starting on Saturday 17th March