March 22nd, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lindsey: You got water, electricity, heating - all the basics. Even got a Korean market on the corner, open all night.
Spike: Look, I appreciate what you've done for me, making me corporeal and all, but I draw the line at being your kept boy.

x.Five drabbles by ash_carpenter Interwoven 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 BtVs/Ats multiple pairings
x.Untitled by margarks Wesley/Angel
x.Waltz by chlare Cordelia/Gunn
x.On Paper by yhlee Angel/Buffy
x.Ten Things I'd Rather Do Than Spend Time With You by thistlerose Xander/Cordelia

[Fic Updates]
x.What He Needs 2/3 by thatotherperv Angel/Faith
x.Kindred Spirits part 85 by nwhepcat Dawn/Ethan
x.Content by altyronsmaker Spike/Xander
x.Nothing But Trouble chapter 10 by cafedemonde Spike/Willow
x.Adding Spice 3/3 by botias Spike/Buffy
x.Family Reunion part 7 by shapinglight BtVs/Ats multiple pairings

x.Buffy/Faith graphic by _city_girl_
x.12 Welcome to the Hellmouth icons by leftsaladfork
x.One icon from each episode of BtVs by mouthfullofdust
x.15 BtVs/Ats icons by evilfuckinbitch
x.51 BtVs icons by goingtralala
x.16 BtVs 'Villains' icons by _pip_pop_

x.Jenny Molen (Nina/Ats) has been announced as a guest at the Coventry Sci Fi Fair May 12 and 13. *outside link*