March 25th, 2007

benedict victor

Saturday, March 24, 2007

x. She Was Some Woman by apckrfan Dennis, PG-13
x. Willow Wreath by skull_theatre Willow/Giles
x. Hunting Party by sunnyd_lite Xander, G
x. Building A Better Death Trap by velvetwhip Willow/Spike, PG
x. Null And Void by killerweasel Lindsey, Sam Winchester (AtS/Supernatural crossover), R
x. Snow On Skin by sweptawaybayou David Boreanaz/Christian Kane, R *rps*
x. Blue by ash_carpenter Angel, PG-13
x. Abu Simbel by hotspur18 Illyria/Xander, PG

[Fic Updates]
x. Family Reunion, Part 9 by shapinglight Spike/Darla, Spike/Angel, Spike/Drusilla, Spike/OC, Angel/Darla, NC-17
x. Through A Glass Darkly, Part 2 by hobgoblinn
x. Collateral Damage, Part 75 by versaphile and psychoadept Wesley/Giles, NC-17
x. Small Imperfection, Part 7 by reremouse Spike/Xander, Mature

x. 100 Oz icons by druinsanity
x. 62 BtVS and AtS icons by cool_rush
x. 28 BtVS and AtS icons by beneathgulmissy
x. 27 BtVS and AtS icons by truly_tazi
x. 21 Animate Xander icons by moscow_watcher
x. 40 BtVS and AtS icons by blueanddollsome
x. A punk!Spike wallpaper by ciley
x. 10 Band Candy icons by indulging_breck
x. A Lilah fanart by rat_hospital

x. Thoughts on Spike's uniqueness by shapinglight
x. Thoughts on AtS 5.1 Conviction from yhlee
x. koldism asks what your favourite fight scenes are - and provides 5 Buffyverse examples

[Editors Pick]
x. Synth - an AtS/Fray crossover comic from astridv and yhlee. 12 pages of great story and fantastic graphics.