March 31st, 2007

benedict victor

Saturday, March 31, 2007

x. Five Steps To Falling In Love by blueanddollsome Giles/Jenny, G
x. Pick Up The Phone! by lilachigh Hank Summers, PG
x. There's Never Enough Time by secondalto Angel
x. Waiting In The Wings by smurfyfredels Stephan/Ballerina, PG
x. His Fists Are Known As Law And Order by boy_named_susie Buffy, Lyle Gorch, Cordell Walker (BtVS/ Walker, Texas Ranger crossover), PG-13
x. Barely Holding On by killerweasel Lindsey, Dean Winchester (AtS/Supernatural crossover), R

[Fic Updates]
x. Untitled BtVS/Supernatural crossover, Part 4 by _beetle_ BtVS/AtS/ Supernatural crossover, R
x. Access All Areas, Part 10 by curiouswombat and speakr2customrs Spike/Dawn, R
x. Everything Xander Knows About Time Travel (He Learned From Back To The Future), Part 2 by soft_princess and mireille719 Ripper/Xander, Giles/Xander, Ripper/Ethan, Adult
x. Through A Glass Darkly, Part 3 by hobgoblinn

x. 12 Powerplay icons by gilless
x. 14 Gone icons by effulgent_girl
x. 18 Gone icons by gillo
x. 26 Salvage icons by xjust_a_girlxx
x. 74 BtVS and AtS icons by drashee
x. 28 BtVS and AtS icons by tehnoodle
x. 20 BtVS icons by laloquacious

x. Fanfic recs from chrisleeoctaves

x. yhlee rewatches Just Rewards, Unleashed and Hellbound
x. Moonstruck I - a Spike/Riley slashmix from trepkos