April 8th, 2007

benedict victor

Sunday, April 8, 2007

x. Confessional by deviantfantasy Fred/Lilah, Teen
x. Miss Perfect by authoressnebula Buffy/Spike, PG-13
x. How You Remind Me by wesleysgirl Giles/Wesley, NC-17
x. Days Come And Go by creyr Spike/Xander, R
x. 5 Spike and Dru Smutlets by ladyoneill Spike/Dru, NC-17
x. Special Skills by smurfyfredels Xander/Cordelia, PG
x. Fair Trade by icemink Angelus/Darla, NC-17
x. Ravenous by purplefeen Spike/Dawn
x. Before The Rain by cafedemonde Spike/Nikki, R

[Fic Updates]
x. A Past Not Forgotten, Part 19 by angelspike69 and anamcara420 Angel/Spike, NC-17
x. The Summer After, Part 6 by elisi Ensemble, PG *complete*
x. The Woods, Part 8 by jans_intentions Liam/Will, NC-17 *au*
x. Where Do We Go From Here? Part 14 by ozma914 Ensemble, PG *complete*

x. BtVS Season 8 character icons by stormwreath
x. 50 BtVS/AtS icons by crackers4jenn
x. Spring themed James Marsters icons, banners and wallpapers by mentalme85
x. A Gunn wallpaper by rat_hospital
x. 12 Buffy/Giles icons by addicted_2_dt
x. 56 Homecoming icons by katekat1010
x. 38 BtVS/AtS - also some Michelle Trachtenberg - icons by neversleeps

x. Quite Like This - a spoken word story by blonde_cecile Neville Longbottom/Oz (Harry Potter/BtVS crossover), PG-13
x. Virtual Insanity - a fanvid from lady_m4ryjane

x. Demons Are Evil, That Is Why One Slays Them from m_phoenix
x. doppelgang_land is a new multifandom challenge based fanfiction community designed to let actors revisit old haunts with the same face - but a brand new name.
x. kerouacxander is a new community detailing the travels of Kerouac Xander. Sign up to host him here.