April 12th, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Thursday, March 12, 2007

Vampire #1: "Let's go to L. A.," you said. "Sun's gone out," you said. "Going to be the feast of the century." But the sun is back, and here we are wasting our time...bowling.
Vampire #2: I'm telling you, something big is coming, and when it gets here, we're gonna be in prime position for—
Angel: An ass whoopin'?

x.Unexpected by fangrrl Spike/Xander
x.The Education of Dawn by vinniebatman Faith/Dawn
x.Abaddon's Dozen by shinodabear Doctor Who/BtVs crossover
x.Heat by electricalgwen Spike/Xander

x.Untitled by margarks Angelus/Xander
x.Off Road by femmenerd Faith/Dean (BtVs/Supernatural crossover)
x.Nail Polish by city_sounds Faith

[Fic Updates]
x.Runaway Guide 2, Chapter 11 by temari_jemz Spike/Xander (BtVs/Sentinel crossover)
x.The Woods part 10 by jans_intentions AU William/Liam
x.Running On chapter 23 by tessarin Faith/Xander
x.Kindred Spirits part 99 by nwhepcat Dawn/Ethan
x.A Different Path 10/? by salustra and cathelin AU William/Angel, Wesley/Cordelia
x.Standing the Test of Time part three by erin_starlight Spike/Dracula, Spike/Angel
x.Let's Get Lost part 17 by herself_nyc Spike/Buffy
x.What Happens In Vegas... 1/2 by soft_princess Giles/Xander
x.Stilled Desire #8 by rngrdead Xander/Spike
x.Best Dressed Kill chapter 15 by louisj Spike, Angel

x.7 BtVs, 5 Charisma Carpenter icons by linda_87
x.88 Ats/BtVs icons by oravannahka
x.14 BtVs S8 (comic) icons by obsessgirl *slight spoilers*
x.Tara wallpaper by leftsaladfork
x.100 BtVs s4 icons by vampkiss

x.stoney321 has two excellent *faux* fanmixes! Spike/Anya and Angel/His hair along with others.
x.no_detective presents The Gay Pulp Challenge! Multifandom challenge based on summary blurbs from the back pages of gay pulp novels published from the 1930s to 1970s. Check it out!
x.psubrat lets us know that Step Back From the Glass is now accepting Wesley/Faith submissions. *outside link*
x.spn_btvs ~ A home for all BtVs/Supernatural crossover fic! Also weekly challenges.