April 18th, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Angelus: What do you know about it? I'm the one who was friggin' violated. You didn't have this thing in you.
Drusilla: What was it? A demon?
Angelus: Love!
Drusilla: Poor Angel.

x.Uxoriously Inspired by viennarain AU Spike/Drusilla
x.Donde Esta el Telefono? by shinodabear Spike, Angel

x.Dangerous in More Ways Than One by boy_named_susie Faith/Weevil (BtVs/Veronica Mars crossover)
x.Devil Town by killerweasel Lindsey, John (Ats/Supernatural crossover)
x.Game For Anything by darkhavens Spike/Xander
x.Untitled by margarks Angelus/Wesley/Spike

[Fic Updates]
x.Kindred Spirits part 103 by nwhepcat Dawn/Ethan
x.Homecoming part 2 by naol Buffy/Xander
x.Temptation 4/40 by bmblbee Spike/Xander
x.Untitled Chapter one by jeansvenus Spike/Xander
x.Sanguine Revival 16/? by salustra and cathelin Spike/Angel, Darla/Lindsey
x.Outside Pride 5/10 by cordelianne Spike/Xander
x.Leaves of Memory chapter ten by quinntzadok Spike/Xander

x.105 Wesley, 144 Ats/BtVs icons by noelia_g
x.David Boreanaz picspam by hellopoe
x.21 BtVs icons by lorelei_frolick
x.49 BtVs icons by wickedgrdn
x.20 BtVs icons by gilkurtis

x.Joss Whedon will be at Wesleyan University in May to discuss his career, thoughts on education and work. *outside link*
x.katekat1010 announces the 2007 edition of summer_of_giles. From June through July this site is devoted to Rupert Giles. Check out the link for open dates and sign-up information!
x.desoto_hia873 asks an interesting question on btvsangel_canon 'Imagine that Spike (and Dru) had never gone to Sunnydale. What would the world have been like by the end of BtVs without their influence and actions?' Share your thoughts!

All the editors of the su_herald would like to extend our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the murdered students and faculty at Virginia Tech. Our hearts are with you and yours.