April 21st, 2007

benedict victor

Friday, April 20, 2007

x. Untitled by glimmergirl Buffy, Giles
x. The Shape Of Things by ljs Giles/Anya, Adult
x. Cast From Eden's Gate With No Regret by alwaysjbj Ethan, G
x. Cleveland The Polka Town by boy_named_susie Buffy, Giles, PG
x. And Rome Was Filled With Snakes by velvetwhip Willow, PG-13
x. Phantom Kiss by sweptawaybayou David Boreanaz/Christian Kane, NC-17 *rps* *au*
x. Keep Holding On by killerweasel Lindsey, John Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer (AtS/Supernatural crossover), R
x. Top Five Teas In Giles' Tea Tin by kivrin Giles

[Fic Updates]
x. Kindred Spirits, Part 105 by nwhepcat Dawn/Ethan, R
x. The Full Xander Harris Experience, Parts 1 to 4 by mireille719 Xander/Larry, Teen *complete*
x. Pillow Talk II, Part 2 by missmurchison Buffy/Spike, NC-17
x. Outside Pride, Parts 1 to 5/10 by cordelianne Spike/Xander, PG-13
x. Leaves Of Memory, Part 13 by quinntzadok Spike/Xander, Mature
x. Undercover, Part 3 by spikendru Ensemble (AtS/Bones crossover), PG-13

x. 49 Jossverse icons by mangofandango
x. 21 AtS Season 3 icons by cheesygirl

x. Darkness - a Faith/Wesley fanvid from catvampcrazines

x. Fanfiction Recs from stretfordditto

x. Families and Buffy meta from lettered
benedict victor

Saturday, April 21, 2007

x. A Sorta Fairytale by ficbitch82 Angel/Cordelia, PG-13
x. Hard To See Her Moving On by lusciousxander Xander, Anya/Giles, PG-13
x. Skin by icemink Angel/Spike, NC-17
x. Stars and Stripes by lilachigh Spike/Drusilla, PG-13
x. The Hours Of Time by cityphonelines Xander, R
x. Quietus by st_salieri Buffy/Angel, PG
x. First Star I See Tonight by velvetwhip Willow/Angel, PG
x. A Selection drabbles by altyronsmaker Spike/Xander, Angel/Spike, Spike/Dawn, Angel/Xander
x. Holiday Spirit by kindkit Gunn, Cordelia, Wesley, PG
x. 37 by authoressnebula Willow, Anya, PG-13

[Fic Updates]
x. A Past Not Forgotten, Part 21 by angelspike69 and anamcara420 Angel/Spike, NC-17
x. Sokath, His Eyes Uncovered, Part 2 by apreludetoanend Spike/Xander, Mature
x. The S Curve, Part 117 by tesla321 Angel/Xander *au*
x. Sleep While I Drive, Part 37 by mireille719 Giles/Xander, Teen
x. Dancing With The Demons, Episode 3, Part 3 by redsrule1 AtS/BtVS Ensemble, PG
x. Leaves Of Memory, Part 14 by quinntzadok Spike/Xander, Mature

x. 20 BtVS icons by spuzz
x. 139 BtVS and AtS icons by tickingtimeless
x. 35 Fanged Four icons by lit_gal
x. 19 Spike icons by tamakin
x. 17 AtS "Redefinition" icons by elbereth_star
x. 11 BtVS and AtS icons by crackers4jenn

x. Fanvid Recs from blue_icy_rose