May 1st, 2007

Misha KItty

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Angel: What did Lindsey say about me?
Anne: That you were a bad man.
Angel: Bad man.
Anne: A psychotic vampire who cut off his hand, harassed his firm and - is borderline schizophrenic. I was giving you the short version.

x. Rock the Boat by smurfyfredels, A:ts/SPN Crossover, Faith/Dean Winchester, PG-13
x. Prodigal Sons by shapinglight, Angel/Spike, NC-17
x. The Kid by beer_good_foamy, Faith, OC, PG-13
x. Pour Away the Ocean (Stop All the Clocks Remix) by elementalv, Oz/Giles, Larry, PG-13
x. This Is Not My Beautiful Wife by apreludetoanend and savoytruffle, Spike/Xander, R

[Ficlets and Drabbles]
x. Dirtywrongbad by nwhepcat, Anya, G
x. Project Slayer Magnetism by redrikki, Andrew, Warren, Jonathan, G
x. The Dawn Summers Diary Project by mouthmount, Dawn, G
x. Short Circuit by m_phoenix, Gwen, PG
x. Coffee Break by m_phoenix, Angel and Connor, PG

[Multimedia and Graphics]
x. The Official, Authorized, Post-Apocalypse Sunnydale High Phone Tree (In Progress) by nightchick
x. 22 BtVS icons by stargirl1785
x. 2 BtVS and A:ts wallpapers by whatnow73

[News, Discussion, Meta and More]
x. Round One nominations for the Feeling Love Spuffy-centric awards are open.
x. ruuger discusses at BtVS comics as canon.