May 3rd, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wesley: She's either counting oxygen molecules or analyzing the petri dish she just put into her mouth. Or sleeping - I can never quite tell.
Angel: You sure this was a good idea?
Wesley: Oh, we have plenty of petri dishes.

x.Observations by woman_of_ Xander/Oz/Giles
x.Three Degrees of the Perfect Ending by lips_like_candy Buffy/Spike

x.A Caveman Thing by nwhepcat Xander
x.Forbidden Fruit Drusilla/Draco (Harry Potter/BtVs crossover) and Dinner Companion Drusilla/Hurley (BtVs/Lost crossover) by bookishwench

[Fic Updates]
x.Alter Egos and Their Wesley part 1 by xandrew157 Angel/Wesley, Angelus/Wesley
x.The Last Laugh part 8 by darkspace99 Angel/Spike
x.Tabula Avatar chapter 42 by speakr2customrs BtVs/Baldur's Gate 2 crossover
x.Access All Areas chapter 11 by curiouswombat and speakr2customrs Spike/Dawn

x.2 Ats wallpapers by ginaeon
x.3 BtVs wallpapers by uglybusiness
x.117 BtVs s1 icons by cityphonelines
x.8 Michelle Tractenberg icons by cheesygirl
x.21 BtVs icons by thesamegirl17
x.42 Ats/BtVs icons by neversleeps

x.kayt_arminta announces the new community darker_vault for archiving all your darker BtVs/Ats fics/manips/vids. Visit the profile page for all rules and more information.