June 9th, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007

x. Psychopompos by glimmergirl. [Giles/Wesley, Wishverse, PG-13]
x. Darker Things by hari_kari. [Oz/Xander, R]
x. A Choice of Several Deaths by merrilily. [Ethan/Rupert, NC-17]

[Ficlets and Drabbles]
x. Four Drabbles by callmesandy. [Andrew, Connor, Dawn, Gunn, Wesley, PG]
x. Knowing Best by lilachigh. [Kendra, PG]
x. Two Drabbles by sweptawaybayou. [Spike/Dean (BtVS/SPN), Spike/Angel, NC-17]
x. Fuel to the Fire by smurfyfredels. [Lilah, PG]
x. Rub It In by killerweasel. [Angel/Lindsey, R]
x. The Lost Key 1:2 by firsts_chosen_1. [Caleb, R]

[Updated Fic]
x. Dream Love, Part 3 by virtualpersonal and art_of_mayhem [Buffy/Dean, BtVS/SPN, NC-17]
x. On the Road to Somewhere, Part 3 by felisblanco. [Spike/Angel, NC-17]

x. News from Anthony Stewart Head's Official Website [Outside Link]
x. Tickets still available for Chicago OMWF. [Outside Link]
x. xanaphibian talks about realism, fantasy, and why we write what we write.

x. watcherlove has posted this weeks prompt list.
x. still_grrr talks about prompts and guidelines.
x. summer_of_giles has posted a list of the first weeks submissions. A good place to look if you've missed any of the posts.