June 29th, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

Congratulations to Whedonesque for going five years strong! :D

[Ficlets and Drabbles]
x. Counting the Cars on the New Jersey Turnpike by entrenous88. [Xander/Oz, G]

[Updated Fic]
x. How Tantor and Tarzan Became Friends, Part 15 by nwhepcat. [Xander, Illyria, Wesley, PG]
x. A Past Not Forgotten, Part 23 by angelspike69 & anamcara420 [Angel/Spike, NC-17]
x. Pivotal, Part 6 by toobusy2write. [Spike/Angel, Human!AU, NC-17]

x. 59 BtVS & AtS icons by keen_and_peachy.
x. 30 BtVS & AtS icons by mrshopkirk.
x. 35 BtVS icons by wickedgrdn.
x. 13 BtVS icons by ruuger.
x. 50 BtVS icons by rumidha.
x. 19 AtS & SMG icons by ohjoymoreicons.

x. Buffy makes TV Guides new Best Cult Series List. [Outside Link]
x. musesfool has posted a BtVS rec.
x. brandil has posted a AtS rec.
x. virtualpersonal is looking for Angel recs.
x. vowel_in_thug is searching for a particular Spike/Xander story.
x. caytin is searching for a particular Spike/Xander story.

x. still_grrr has posted Prompt 20. (Free for all!)
x. Voting is now open for Prompt 19 at still_grrr.