July 7th, 2007

Saturday, July 7, 2007

x. The Not-So Broken Slave by frk_werewolf. [Spike/Xander, R]

[Ficlets and Drabbles]
x. Colder than Death by alwaysjbj. [Spike, Spike/Buffy, PG]
x. In the Heat of the Night by alwaysjbj. [Ethan, Ethan/Giles, R]
x. A Short Vacation on the Other Side by rayruz. [Tara, Kennedy, Willow, PG]
x. Killing Justine Cooper by rayruz. [Justine Cooper, Bette Porter, AtS/The L Word, PG-13]

[Updated Fic]
x. ...Stays In Vegas, Part 5 by soft_princess. [Giles/Xander, NC-17]

x. 21 BtVS & AtS icons by drankmywar.
x. 24 BtVS & AtS icons by eyeconic.
x. 66 AtS icons by tickingtimeless.
x. 10 BtVS icons by nina_87.
x. 20 BtVS icons by watchersgoddess.
x. 22 BtVS & AtS icons by xeyra.

x. For Buffy, it's Fandom of the Opera [Outside Link]
x. Buffy forum site announces "One More With Feeling" showing at Comic-Con. [Outside Link]
x. He's the Executive Producer. [Outside Link, Editor's Note: This link may contain spoilers for the Season 8 comics.]
x. Joss talks to video camera. [Outside Link]
x. thatotherperv has posted Canon vs. Science: the real deal on vampire anatomy and physiology, a discussion at buffyversemeta.
x. seldomifever has posted 5 Buffy/Giles recs.
x. crazed_delusion is searching for a particular Spike/Xander story.

x. Sign ups for the Fall 2007 rounds of seasonal_spuffy are now open.
x. summer_of_giles has posted their weekly roundup.
x. sub_slayer is a community for stories and art in which Buffy and Faith are submissive. For information on things such as the type of works and pairings accepted to this community, please look here.
x. crackfictastic is a new community for crack!fic. The community accepts all fandoms and genres. For more information, please look here.