August 1st, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

With nothing between them but a twisted, monstrous connection, Nina cannot know that Angel loves to kiss. She believes him when he makes up a vapid lie about the sharpness of his teeth and it being a ‘vampire thing’ and takes no offense when he receives her kisses with closed lips. She cannot possibly know that Angel’s kisses are his soul’s expression: he claims with them, brands with them, surrenders with them.

~Strangers by lostakasha Angel/Nina

x.Eye in the Sky by anonymous_sibyl Multifandom, including BtVs
x.Your Sinister Charm by laisserais Spike/Xander
x.Big. And Bad. by spikedluv Spike/Xander
x.Eleven Minutes by rayruz BtVs ensemble
x.Holiday Thing by saphicwicca Xander/Angel

[Fic Updates]
x.Pivotal chapter 15 by toobusy2write Spike/Angel
x.How Tantor and Tarzan Became Friends part 35 by nwhepcat Xander, Illyria
x.Running On chapter 32 part A and part B by tessarin Faith/Xander
x.Awaken chapter 3 by virtualpersonal Spike/Xander
x.Gifts chapter 8 by green_maia BtVs ensemble
x.See Noir Evil 19/? by m_mcgregor Xander

x.27 BtVs icons by ohh_xx
x.50 BtVs icons by katekat1010

x.How I Spent My Summer Hiatus is the theme for August at still_grrr.
x.J. August is scheduled to appear in a new drama on TNT from Stephen Bocho. 'the untitled project revolves around young lawyers who have been friends since law school, but now work on opposing sides'.
x.Preorder the Angel the Series box set on Amazon.Com at a special price.
x.Nicholas Brendon will be at the Chicago Creation Convention November 10-11.
x.The final Masterlist is up at summer_of_giles.
x.bookishwench has a poll to gauge interest in either a Drusilla or Spike/Dru celebration of the first airing of "School Hard" on Sept. 29, 2007.