September 27th, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

x. As one mourneth for an only son by having_written. [Connor, PG-13]
x. Untitled by calove. [Nikki Wood, PG-13/R]

[Updated Fic]
x. Out of the Shadow, Part 10 by trepkos. [Spike/Riley, NC-17]
x. Undercover, Part 13 by spikendru. [Booth, Angel, Ensemble, BtVS/AtS/Bones, PG-13]
x. The Lost Key 6:1 by sanguinepen. [Caleb, the First, Dawn, Buffy, Andrew, R]
x. Robin Lays an Egg, Part 8 by ozma914. [Robin, Andrew, Giles (later), Xander (later), PG]
x. Three Hearts by xanzpet. [Xander/Cordelia/Sam, BtVS/AtS/SPN, PG-13]

x. 15 BtVS icons by lovegiveforgive.
x. 29 BtVS & AtS icons by ficbitch82.

x. Buffy Alumni News. [Outside Link]
x. 'Beer Bad' makes the list of "worst episodes of our favourite shows". [Outside Link]
x. "Bones" season premiere on iTunes for free. [Outside Link]
x. Bionic Woman Gets Compared to Buffy. [Outside Link, Editor'S Note: This article contains spoilers for Bionic Woman!]
x. Moonlight: "Pilot" Advance Review [Outside Link, Editor's Note: This article contains spoilers for Moonlight.]
x. TV Without Pity Talks to James Marsters. [Outside Link]

x. Mod post at btvsats_love.