October 14th, 2007

Friday, October 12 & Saturday, October 13, 2007

[Ficlets and Drabbles]
x. Communion by sanguinepen. [Caleb, PG]
x. He Who Fights Monsters by beer_good_foamy. [Holtz/Justine, PG-13]

[Updated Fic]
x. The Price of Grace, Part Twelve by st_salieri. [Buffy/Spike, R/NC-17]
x. Duplicity: Chapter Three, Volume Five by vikingprincess and blndswdsmn. [Angel, Cordelia, Gambit, Rogue, Willow, Xander, BtVS/X-Men, NC-17]
x. Inside Out, Part 6 by lostgirlslair. [Giles/Xander, R]
x. How Tantor and Tarzan Became Friends, Part 72 by nwhepcat. [Xander/Illyria, R]
x. Domestic Bliss, Part 24 by nomelon. [Spike/Riley, NC-17]

x. The Day the Buffy Music Died [Outside Link]
x. Brief clip available from James Marsters' new album. [Outside Link]
x. "P.S. I Love You" tentative premiere date set. [Outside Link]
x. Wizard Magazine's Toy of the Day. [Outside Link]
x. Amber Benson's Long Island appearance re-scheduled. [Outside Link]
x. Brian Lynch talks Angel: After The Fall. [Outside Link, Editor's Note: This article contains spoilers for Angel: After the Fall]
x. Cancelled Buffy/Firefly screenings get media coverage. [Outside Link]
x. greenheart8 is searching for a particular story.
x. lusciousxander is looking for Xander hurt/comfort stories.

x. 31 BtVS/AtS icons by like_statues.
x. 61 BtVS icons by wickedgrdn.
x. 19 BtVS icons by littledivinity.
x. 09 SMG icons by emilylove85.
x. 10 BtVS icons by tihana.
x. 50 BtVS icons by otherpictures.

x. still_grrr has posted Prompt 035.
x. Voting is now open for Prompt 034 at still_grrr.

[To Our Readers]
x. The su_herald is looking for a new editor to take over the open editions. If you're interested and would like more information, please contact spuzz at spuzz @ livejournal.com or tomorrowismine_today @ yahoo.com!