October 16th, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

x.Takin' More Than Her Share by thenyxie Faith/Dean/Sam (BtVs/Supernatural crossover)
x.In which Sir Rupert keeps his promises by mireille719 AU Xander/Giles
x.Half-Moon by yhlee Angel/Nina
x.The Wardrobe Malfunction by bookishwench Spike/Angel

x.Like Children by ruuger Giles

[Fic Updates]
x.A Perfect Fit 11/19 by dawnofme Buffy/Angel, Spike/OC
x.How Tantor and Tarzan Became Friends part 74 by nwhepcat Xander/Illyria
x.Iowa Field Notes 5/11 by trepkos Spike/Riley
x.Ignorance Is Bliss 11/? by nashmaveric Xander/Spike
x.Forced 1a/? by xanzpet Xander/Anya, Willow/Tara
x.Silence Speaks 4/5 by eowyn_315 Spike/Buffy
x.Realizing You chapter seven by whenbuffysmiles Spike/Xander

x.7 Michelle Trachtenberg icons by iicoonsgirl
x.Sarah Michelle Gellar LJ layout by emilylove85
x.32 BtVs icons by effulgency
x.14 BtVs 2.7 'Halloween' icons by mrbartleboom
x.David Boreanaz picspam by chrisleeoctaves
x.20 BtVs/Ats icons by ctofine
x.Faith/Eliza Dushku fanart by marvelgirl_art

x.This week's new prompts are up at btvsats_love.
x.Amy Acker will be appearing on Ghost Whisperer October 26. *outside link*

[To Our Readers]
x. The su_herald is looking for a new editor to take over the weds/thurs editions. If you're interested and would like more information, please contact spuzz at spuzz @ livejournal.com or tomorrowismine_today @ yahoo.com.