November 1st, 2007

SU Herald

Thursday, November 1, 2007

x.Souvenir is French for Memory by biggrstaffbunch, Post-Chosen, Post-NFA, Angel/Buffy, R. *outside link*
x.Perpetuity Clause: A Dream of Fear and Desire by theantijoss, Ats, Angel/Lindsey, Post-NFA, R.
x.Bragging Rights by entrenous88, Btvs, Spike/Xander, R.

x.New Shoes by redrikki, Btvs, Glory, PG.

[Fic Updates]
x.How Tantor and Tarzan Became Friends part 86 by nwhepcat, Btvs, Xander/Illyria, R.
x.Toys chapter 13 by lit_gal, Spike/Xander, R.
x.The Fire Within Chapter 18 by eowyn_315, Btvs, Spike/Buffy, NC 17.
x.Moon Magic 8 by lit_gal, Btvs/HP Crossover, Faith/Snape, PG.
x.Worlds Apart Chapter 11 by rockstarpeach, AU Spike/Angel, R.
x.Pivotal, Chapter 43 by toobusy2write, AU Spike/Angel, NC 17.

x.43 Giles/Xander icons by lostgirlslair.
x.Spike/Drusilla wallpaper and header by stawberynvanila.
x.14 Btvs/Ats icons by truly_tazi.

x.Tim Minear Talks Dollhouse. *outside link*

x.There are still spots available for nominations during Round Seven of the forbiddenawards.
x.chrisleeoctaves' posts a reminder that the iwry_marathon begins today.