November 2nd, 2007

Friday, November 2, 2007

x. Five Ways Buffy and Angel Never Meet And Never Have To Say I Love You by landrews. [Buffy/Angel, R]
x. A Stroll Down Pickwick Avenue by the_birds_dead. [Drusilla, other character, PG-13]
x. I'll Have Your Guts for Garlands by ubiquirk. [Spike, Drusilla, R]
x. by sweptawaybayou. [Angel/Varek, AtS/Skinwalkers, NC-17]
x. Bragging Rights by entrenous88. [Spike/Xander, R]

[Updated Fic]
x. How Tantor and Tarzan Became Friends, Part 87 by nwhepcat. [Xander/Illyria, R]
x. Duplicitous Interludes: The Fall of the House of Levinson by vikingprincess & blndswdnsmn. [Angel/Cordelia, Johnathan, Willow/Xander, Rogue, BtVS/X-men, NC-17]

x. 2 BtVS icons by mouthmount.
x. 41 BtVS & AtS icons by catvamps_art.
x. thrace_adams is searching for a particular header.

x. WGA to go on strike. [Outside Link]
x. Assault charges dropped against Kristy Swanson. [Outside Link]
x. Just because the Buffy musical is awesome... [Outside Link]
x. Amy Adams to star in new Julia Child film with Meryl Streep. [Outside Link]
x. "Dollhouse" has a fan-run website. [Outside Link]
x. Vote for Buffy in EW's Favorite TV Icon of all Time Contest [Outside Link]
x. Tim Minear talks Dollhouse. [Outside Link]
x. Whedon speaks re: 'Goners', WGA strike. [Outside Link]

x. smallfandomfest is now open for submissions.
x. Sign ups are now open for the The Drunken!Giles-athon!
x. Sign ups are open at secret_slasha.
x. Fanfiction Awards is searching for judges and submissions.
x. still_grrr has posted Prompt 038.
x. Voting is now open for Prompt 037 at still_grrr.