November 14th, 2007

SU Herald

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

x.In The Sun by hannasus, Buffy/Angel, PG.
x.An Episode of Blonde by thistlerose, Btvs, Faith, Dawn, R.
x.Don’t Ever Leave Me Again by laurtew, Btvs, Giles, Buffy, PG.

x.Say the Magic Word by mommanerd, Btvs, Buffy, Giles, Andrew, PG.
x.Family by leiadiana, Ats, Gunn/Wesley, PG 13.
x.Dreaming Denial and Served Cold by damalur, Btvs, Spike/Buffy, R.

[Fic Updates]
x.How Tantor and Tarzan Became Friends, part 95 by nwhepcat, Btvs/Ats, Xander/Illyria, R.
x.Duplicitous Interludes: Continuing Education, parts 1 and two by vikingprincess and blndswdnsmn, Btvs/X-Men, Angel/Cordelia, R.
x.Puppy Love part 12 by perverted_pages, Btvs, Spike/Xander, R.
x.Iowa Field Notes 10/11 by trepkos, Btvs, Spike/Riley, NC 17.
x.Love's Bitch Part 15 by eowyn_315, Btvs, Buffy/Spike, R.
x.Pivotal, Chapter 46 by toobusy2write, AU Spike/Angel, NC 17.
x.Crusader, (Time After Time Series, Story 7, Part D) by virtualpersonal and nashmaverick, Spike/Xander, R.
x.Forced 3c by xanzpet, AU Xander/Anya/Graham, Willow/Tara, NC 17.

x.Faith/Buffy Episode Picspam by x_spikeaholic_x.
x.Buffy and Xander Through The Years by breakingsilence.

x.Loved, a Connor rec site created by kita0610, is up and running. *outside link*
x.Joss Whedon Posts More On Whedonesque. *outside link*
x.Nick Brendon's Latest Audioblog. *outside link*
x.Updated Strike Chart: How Long Before Your Shows Go Dark?. *outside link*
x.James Marsters cast in the movie "Dragonball". *outside link*'s best comic books of 2007. Btvs Season 8 comes in at number 10. *outside link*
x.stultiloquentia is looking for genderswap alternate universe stories in which the canonically male lead of the show has always been a woman.