November 23rd, 2007

Misha KItty

Friday, November 23, 2007

x. Split the World by semby, Buffy/Angel, G
x. Slayer Camp by ozma914, Giles, PG

[Ficlets and Drabbles]
x. A Lack of Support by stormwreath, Spike/Dru, G
x. Big Bad Support by shinodabear, Spike, G
x. Tech Support by lilachigh, OC, G

[Fic Updates]
x. Other Things the Road to Hell is Paved With 2/17 by eowyn_315, Spike/Buffy, Spike/Dru NC-17

[Graphics and Icons]
x. 10 BtVS icons by tribades

[News, Discussion, Etc.]
x. wga_supporters seeking fandom liaisons to represent current shows affected by the strike.