December 3rd, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Monday, December 3, 2007

x.Into the Blue by electricalgwen Buffy, Illyria
x.Stay by dragonydreams Willow/Giles
x.Three Times Angel Didn't Kiss Buffy by sunnyd_lite Buffy/Angel
x.Downington Pines by bethynyc Giles/Wesley
x.Gemini by only_passenger Buffy/Faith
x.Ink by crazywritinfool Dean/Lindsey (Ats/Supernatural crossover)

x.Culture Shock by viciouswishes Gunn/Worf (Ats/Star Trek:TNG crossover)
x.Cause by nwhepcat Xander
x.Join the Club by a2zmom Jeff, Luke
x.The Usual Suspect (BtVs), Save the World (Ats) and Those Who've Fallen (Ats) *spoilers for the Angel comic* by shinodabear
x.A New Hunt by blue_icy_rose Spike, Sam (BtVs/Supernatural crossover)
x.Cover by chlare Faith/Tara

[Fic Updates]
x.Three 18/? by reremouse Spike/Xander
x.Baby It's Cold Outside part 1 and part 2 by virtualpersonal and nashmaveric Spike/Xander
x.So Crazy it Just Might Work part 14 by savoytruffle Xander, Angel
x.Angels and Demons Deleted Scene #2 by cafedemonde and kallie_kat Willow, Angel
x.Other Things the Road to Hell is Paved With 10/17 by eowyn_315 Spike/Buffy
x.Experience curve 32 by lit_gal Spike/Xander, Jim/Blair (BtVs/Sentinel crossover)
x.Reflections 2: Through the Looking Glass 5/5 by trepkos Spike/Riley

x.35 BtVs/Ats icons by oravannahka
x.3 Spike, Buffy manips by mary5958
x.Willow and Willow, Xander fanart by snogged
x.33 BtVs winter, Christmas and Hanukkah icons by eyesthatslay
x.25 BtVs icons by whyfloppy
x.13 animated BtVs icons by samantha_v
x.26 BtVs icons by oobivattin_icon
x.48 BtVs/Ats icons by nikkiwawa79
x.35 BtVs/Ats icons by crackers4jenn

x.Round 44 is up at Sunnydale Stories Video Awards. Check out the link for more information and to see the winners of Round 43.
x.scribesds lets us know that the Blood Roses Advent Calendar is now up! Check out the link!
x.nomelon posts the oldest BtVs links in her possesion. Lots of excellent recs and fantastic memories to be found here.