December 12th, 2007

SU Herald

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

x.Learning To Live Again, 2/2 by darklingdawns, Spike/Xander, R.

x.Mustard, Peppermint, One Sugar by wesleysgirl, Wesley/Giles, Dawn/Xander, Angel/Wesley, PG.
x.A Family Tradition by boy_named_susie, Ats/Seinfeld, Lilah, George Costanza, Frank Costanza, PG.
x.Worst Halloween Ever by snogged, Btvs, Dawn, PG.
x.My Son Tells Me Your Company Stinks! by boy_named_susie, Btvs Ensemble, PG.

[Fic Updates]
x.Character part 6 by nwhepcat, Btvs, Faith/Wesley, R.
x.Realizing You chapter 8 by whenbuffysmiles, Spike/Xander, NC 17.
x.Reflections 3: Sentence First! Verdict Afterwards! by trepkos, Btvs, Spike/Riley, NC 17.
x.Slay Bells part 1 by eowyn_315, AU, Buffy/Spike, R.
x.Visions of You part 1 by tamibrandt, Btvs/Ats/Bones, Spike/Angelus/Seely Booth/Drusilla, NC 17.
x.Hunter/Hunted Chapter 7 by vikingprincess and adarkershade_x, Ats/X-men, Angelus/Rogue, NC 17.
x.Unreal Together 4/11 by dawnofme, Btvs, Buffy/Spike, NC 17.

x.105 SMG icons by iwanturhorror.
x.64 Spike/Angel icons by dark_amia.
x.Buffy, First Slayer fanart by sevendeadlyfun.

x.Pencils To Media Moguls First Delivery. *outside link*
x.Interviews with just about everyone (and their mother) from Mutant Enemy Day. *outside link*