December 13th, 2007

SU Herald

Thursday, December 13, 2007

x.Cheer by xanzpet, Btvs AU, Ensemble, FRC.
x.United by wereleopard58, Btvs, Willow/Tara, PG.
x.Watcher by kindredspirit75, Spike/Angel, PG 13.

[Fic Updates]
x.Solidarity Part 2 by dark_amia, Ats, Spike/Angel, R.
x.Slay Bells part 2 by eowyn_315, Buffy/Spike, R.
x.Character part 7 by nwhepcat, Btvs, Wesley/Faith, R.

x.110 Whedonverse Icons by xlivvielockex.
x.30 Gay for Charisma icons by xlivvielockex. [editor's note:some icons are not work safe].

x.sockkpuppett asks What are the fanworks that you think of when you think about transformative work?.
x.Who Are The REAL Heroes. (Joss post) *outside link*
x.Four page preview for Angel: After The Fall #2.. (contains spoilers) *outside link*

x.catvampcrazines posts to btvsats_love about the special holiday "Gift of Love" Spike mini-ficathons and this week's prompts, which are: "Cold", "Ghost", and "Eyeliner".
x.silkensky is looking for threesome fic recs over at bloodclaim.

[Of Special Interest]
x.For those interested and who happen to have a first chapter ready, Harlequin is having a first chapter contest. Thanks to margarks for posting the link.