December 24th, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Solstice, Happy Christmas, Joyful Hanukkah, Blessed Ramadan, Peaceful Kwanzaa

x.It Happened One Rainy Friday Morning by reremouse AU Spike/Xander
x.Three Times Angel Didn't Kiss Buffy: And One Time He Did by sunnyd_lite Buffy/Angel
x.Flashover by killabeez Gwen/Amanda (Ats/Highlander crossover)
x.Happy Christmas by lostgirlslair Giles/Xander
x.The Longest Night of the Year by mireille719 Giles/Wesley

x.Gift To You by yosso15 Willow/Tara
x.The Gift by kindredspirit75 Spike/Buffy
x.What We've Become by shinodabear Wesley/Gunn

[Fic Updates]
x.Not So Grimm 1/3 by xanzpet AU Xander/Graham
x.Experience Curve 39 by lit_gal Spike/Xander, Jim/Blair (BtVs/Sentinel crossover)
x.Slay Bells 9/? by eowyn_315 Spike/Buffy
x.Unreal Together 7/11 by dawnofme Spike/Buffy

x.267 Ats icons by tamibrandt

x.The Drunken!Giles Masterlist is up! Check out all the fics!

There will not be a su_herald update tomorrow. Please leave any links of interest for Wednesday's issue and have a safe and happy holiday!