December 26th, 2007

SU Herald

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

x.The Good Bits by savoytruffle, Btvs, Xander/Spike, Willow, R.
x.Final Breath by killerweasel, Ats, Lindsey/Eve, Lindsey/Angel, PG.

x.Christmas Drabbles:set 1, set 2, and set three by nyghtpet, Multiple fandoms, pairings, characters, NC 17.
x.Untitled by authoressnebula, Buffy/Lindsey.
x.Untitled by authoressnebula, Buffy/Spike.
x.Frustrations, Golden Anniversary, Armor, Sure and Certain Hope, Christmas Bonus by vikingprincess, Spike/Willow, Spike/Dawn, Cordelia/Oz, Angel/Dawn, Angel/Cordelia.
x.She Just Doesn't Get It by divadea, Btvs, Cordelia, Willow.

[Fic Updates]
x.Not So Grimm 2/3 by xanzpet AU Xander/Graham, R.
x.Experience Curve 40 by lit_gal, BtVs/Sentinel, Spike/Xander, Jim/Blair, R.
x.An Unlikely Pair part 1 by feralxheart_fic, Ats, Fred/Lilah, R.
x.Three part 20 by reremouse, Spike/Xander, R.

x.Vid:Christmas @ Wolfram & Hart by tamibrandt.
x.Love's Bitch, a Spike fanart manipulation by sueworld2003.

x.Btvs 8:The Long Way Home makes the list of top ten graphic novels for 2007 at ContraCostaTimes. *outside link*
x.Pop Syndicate reviews Angel: After The Fall # 2. *outside link*
x.Franco Urru Cover For Angel # 5 Revealed [contains spoilers] *outside link*
x.Review of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: #10 Anywhere but Here at the Comicbookbin. [contains spoilers] *outside link*

[Seasonal Fanfiction Collections]
x.secret_slasha's Btvs/Ats slash fanfiction seasonal challenge is now live.
x.yuletide's 2007 stories are now live, with a total of 2017 stories that were written in 732 different fandoms by 1291 participants.
x.lazuli_kat's The Spander Christmas Cracker is a seasonal collection of Xander/Spike stories.