December 27th, 2007

SU Herald

Thursday, December 27, 2007

x.Of Stories Never Told by clockstopper, Ats, Lorne, Angel/Spike, PG 13.
x.What's In A Name by darklingdawns, Angelus/Spike, NC 17.
x.That One Time Spike and Xander Kissed by clockstopper, Btvs, Ensemble, PG 13.

x.Mardi Gras by snogged, Spike/Drusilla, PG.
x.Blood, Sex and Booze by killerweasel, Ats/SPN, Sam Winchester/Lindsey McDonald, R.
x.World Turned Over And Upside Down by sangerin, Btvs, Willow/Tara, G.
x.Sister Dark by etothey, Btvs/Fray, Faith, Melaka Fray, PG 13.

[Fic Updates]
x.Mutual-Verse: Equal & Opposite by strangecreature, AU, Lindsey/Spike, PG 14.
x.Experience Curve: Epilogue by lit_gal, Btvs/Sentinel, Spike/Xander, Jim/Blair, R.
x. Behold, Little Padawan! 11/15 by liz_marcs, Btvs, Xander, Faith, Andrew, PG.
x.The Key To Christmas 2/3 by virtualpersonal and vikingprincess, Btvs/Ats, Spike/Buffy (Dawn, Xander, Wesley), R.
x.Reflections 4: Where do we go from here? 2/4 by trepkos, Btvs, Spike/Riley, NC 17.

x.Buffy Holiday Wallpaper by uglybusiness.
x.Spike Season's Greetings Fanart by sueworld2003.

x.New BBC Torchwood Trailer. (spoilery) *outside link*

x.Prompts of the week for btvsats_love are "Love", "Destiny", "Redemption", "Death", "Life", and "Rebirth".
x.fic_a_thons is a new community that runs 7 fic-a-thons a month, all of different fandoms.

[Seasonal Fanfiction Collections]
x.Blood Roses Advent Calander is a holiday collection of Buffy/Angel stories.