December 31st, 2007

Jason ~ Snow Tattoo

Monday, December 31, 2007

x.When You Come Back to Me Again by killerweasel Angel/Lindsey
x.Dickens For Demons by spikendru Spike/Buffy
x.Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty and Nice by alwaysjbj Wesley/Faith
x.An Oxford Education by lostgirlslair AU Giles/Wesley

x.She thinks... by snowpuppies Tara, Dawn
x.Conditions by blue_icy_rose Buffy/Dean (Btvs/Supernatural crossover)
x.Regrets by failegaidin Angel, Faith
x.Journey by chlare Wesley, Connor

[Fic Updates]
x.Reflections 5: On the Road to Los Angeles 1/4 by trepkos Spike/Riley
x.Two Months 7/7 by kargrif Angel/Xander
x.Moon Magic 13 by lit_gal Faith/Snape (Harry Potter/BtVs crossover)
x.Unreal Together 9/11 by dawnofme Spike/Buffy
x.Rescue prologue by xanzpet Xander/Cordelia

x.Buffy/Angel wallpaper by mysteryof
x.34 BtVs/Ats icons by starbuck42084
x.16 BtVs/Ats icons by effulgent_girl
x.Spike/Buffy wallpaper by marvelgirl_art

x.A Christmas Ghost Story by thedothatgirl Angel/Buffy

x.yhlee reads and discusses Angel: After the Fall #2. *spoilers*