January 12th, 2016

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  • gillo

Sunday 10th - Monday 11th January

(Spike and Buffy sitting in a car watching a warehouse. Spike looks at Buffy. She gives him a sharp look back. He looks away. Buffy frowns at him, looking very suspicious and nervous. Spike suddenly reaches toward her and Buffy flinches back in her seat. )
(He opens the glove compartment and takes out a flask. Buffy looks relieved. Spike takes a swig and then offers her the flask. )
SPIKE: It's not blood, it's bourbon.
BUFFY: (slower) Eeeeew.
SPIKE: (grins ruefully) Suit yourself.
(He shakes his head, reaches across Buffy to put the flask back, sits back and sighs. He begins to hum, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. )
SPIKE: (sings) I wanna be sedated... (stops singing, looks at Buffy) Do you like the Ramones?


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