January 28th, 2016

  • rahirah

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Thursday, January 28

XANDER: But... It's just that it's buggin' me, this 'cool' thing. I mean, what is it? How do you get it? Who doesn't have it? And who decides who doesn't have it? What is the essence of cool?
OZ: Not sure.
XANDER: I mean, you yourself, Oz, are considered more or less cool. Why is that?
OZ: Am I?
XANDER: Is it about the talking? You know, the way you tend to express yourself in short, noncommittal phrases?
OZ: Could be.
XANDER: I know! You're in a band! That's like a business-class ticket to cool with complementary mojo after takeoff! I gotta learn an instrument. Is it hard to play guitar?
OZ: Not the way I play it.

~~The Zeppo~~

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